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CFADHD Cognitive Functions ADHD – Adults

L. Tucha, A. B. M. Fuermaier, S. Aschenbrenner & O. Tucha


The CFADHD Cognitive Functions Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Adults test set measures the cognitive ability profile of adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or suspected ADHD.
In ADHD in adults, cognitive impairments are often more striking than other typical behavioral abnormalities. With the help of the test set, cognitive abilities from the most important neuropsychological dimensions, such as attention, memory and key executive functions, can be assessed. Neuropsychological investigations can help to (1) characterize individual impairments, (2) objectivize the patient’s subjective assessments, (3) draw up disorder descriptions and explanatory models of difficulties experienced in everyday life and (4) to back up a diagnosis of ADHD. Alongside this, (5) ADHD patients’ compliance with treatment can be increased. Neuropsychological test results can also be used (6) to evaluate treatment methods and (7) for description of the course of symptoms. The set of tests enables efficient assessment of adult patients with ADHD.


Extensive literature supports the validity of the tests used in the CFADHD test set. As is documented in the respective manuals for the individual tests, the tests used are valid tools for measuring the underlying ability dimensions. Validation studies of the test set with adults with ADHD and healthy people are currently being conducted with the SRH Clinic in Langensteinbach, the University of Heidelberg and the University of Groningen Initial findings show that, as expected, there are significant differences in performance on individual functions between patients with ADHD and a parallelized sample of healthy adults.


  • Table of raw scores, percentile ranks and confidence intervals and rating of relevant dimensions using a simple color scheme (traffic-light system: red-yellow-green).
  • Profile
  • Written report with profile and verbal description of the individual results.


The CFADHD test set comprises the following dimensions and tests:
Dimensions Tests Testform/Subtests Duration in minutes
Total length if all dimensions are presented approx. 73
Selective attention WAF S1 (visual) approx. 8
Vigilance WAF S1 approx. 18
Verbal working memory NBV S1 approx. 9
Executive functions
Figural fluency 5POINT S1 approx. 2
Interference STROOP S7 approx. 15
Cognitive flexibility TMT-L, Part B S1 approx. 1
Response Inhibition INHIB S3 approx. 7
Task switching SWITCH S1 approx. 12
Processing speed
Information processing speed TMT-L, Part A S1 approx. 1
The following tests can be used to test other functions if required:
Dimensions Tests Testform/Subtests Duration in minutes
Mental ability FLEI S1 approx. 5
Figural long-term memory FGT S11 approx. 14
Planning ability TOL-F S1 approx. 16

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